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From Empty Building to Fully Functioning Plant... From Fully Functioning Plant to Massive Enterprise... We Bring Solutions.

Our Food Scientists have obtained their degrees from major Universities in the United States. We have numerous years in the food industry and have worked on many different issues and created solutions for various types of facilities. We have experience in commissioning new processing plants or ones that are being remodeled or re-purposed. In the unlikely event that an issue arises that we cannot resolve, we have the contacts to obtain the information and the best course of action. Along with degrees, our Food Scientists have:

  • PCQI Certification

  • SQF Practitioner Certification

  • BRC Certification

  • HACCP Certification

  • Pasteurizer Certification

  • Evaporating & Drying Training

  • Comprehensive Cheese Knowledge

  • Cause Mapping

  • Sensory Training and Taste Paneling

...and much more!

Our Research Scientist has over thirty years of experience in product development, nutrition, and regulatory compliance gained both in domestic and international businesses. Strengths include creativity as well as strong working knowledge of food systems from bench-top to consumer levels. She is also a freelance author, nutritionist, and educator. Coupled with her extensive product knowledge, she has obtained her Doctoral degree, is a Certified Food Scientist and also a Certified Nutrition Specialist.

Our Engineers specialize in custom solutions that meet food regulation requirements. Their degrees have taught them about thermodynamics, physics and materials, while plant experience has taught them the best way to implement their solutions. They can make repairs and build customized solutions in their fully stocked machine shop. They also have knowledge of programming and focus on keeping a customer's budget in mind.

While the Food Scientists work on your food quality and food safety programs, let the Engineers focus on design and customizing solutions for your business.

A significant part of Quality Control Solutions' mindset is to build systems with cost, efficiency and profitability in mind. We offer a specialist who is focused on improving processes, efficiencies, production and material planning, material ordering and implementing numerous enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This specialist has experience in several company transformations and has used Kaizen Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma principles. He is certified in APICS and has experience in JIT and KanBan inventory and management systems. His proven process has successfully reduced labor by 40% and increased productivity by 200%. He and others have successful experience in FDA regulated food and dietary supplement facilities to establish inventory assessment, ERP/MRP systems and increase production flow.

While the Food Scientists and Engineers work on building and establishing systems, we let the Process Improvement and ERP Specialist work on the lean manufacturing and efficiency aspects of your process.

Our warehousing and inventory expert has successfully built, organized and implemented systems for numerous companies, for example, increasing profitability of about $400,000. With this specialist, we are able to establish, consult and implement a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and logistic asset allocation. We also have experience in implementing and training Kaizen Lean Manufacturing for both warehousing and distribution. Together, we are able to resolve faulty inventory controls to subsequently cut shrinkage and eliminate waste.

HARPC Food Safety

We are an ethical service provider to the food manufacturing industry. We are not only here to help build a robust quality and efficient food manufacturing system, but we are here to establish a long-lasting relationship. Building a program takes time and money, but the end product that you receive will surpass your expectations.

To help fulfill our part, with a service contract, you will receive a complimentary Cost Reduction Analysis, which will serve to either substantially or fully offset the total cost of the purchased solutions. You will have Food Scientists, Engineers and Efficiency Experts working on your projects. We are committed to your success and you will receive the personal cell phone number of the expert who is building your solution.

Lastly, we offer our clients a 24-7 contact solution for questions about any food quality, food safety and/or engineering issue that may arise. This 24-7 emergency service is our way of thanking you as a client and ensuring the best service in the industry. We differ from other consultants by offering numerous services besides food safety, GFSI and HACCP/HARPC consulting. We have built a firm that offers engineering, labeling, efficiency building, and numerous other solutions. We are an action-packed one-stop company that realizes that each food processing facility is unique in nature and that one size does not fit all. We work closely with our clients to produce top-notch products and solutions. With our experience, we have encountered, and resolved, numerous issues with food manufacturing.

Food Safety, Quality & Regulatory Guidance Documents

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